Christian Music Spotlight with Brian David

Sundays 7PM

Christian Music Spotlight with Brian David is a Contemporary Christian AC show. I play brand new music, do a verbal top 5 countdown, and I feature two 60-second devotionals to encourage and grow your faith in God. My slogan is “Today’s Contemporary Christian Hits & Yesterday’s Classics” because I play today’s biggest Christian hits, and the second song of the first and second segments are a classic song that you might have forgotten about. I also play songs that were not necessarily radio singles, but ones that you might enjoy since they fit my format.

Sometimes you may hear an independent artist also, which you probably won’t hear anywhere else. I do my best not to repeat an artist or song in back-to-back weeks. With the great variety of songs that I handpick, you will surely enjoy it.  I invite you to listen to Christian Music Spotlight and to tell your friends!